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Signs of the Seasons: Citizen Science Training Session

10:00 am to 12:00 pm

CREA Ecology Center
219 Evergreen Circle
Topsham, ME 04011
United States

Do you enjoy noticing seasonal changes in your backyard — date the first dandelion blooms? First robin or butterfly sighting of the year? Become a trained observer and put your nature observations to use as part of a national data collection program!
This in-person volunteer training session for the Signs of the Seasons program will take place June 7, from 10-12, at the Ecology Center. Led by instructors from UMaine Cooperative Extension & Maine Sea Grant, participants are trained to observe and record the phenology (seasonal changes) of common plants and animals living in their own communities.
Begin indoors with an introduction to how the program works, and then head outside to practice on the plants and animals on-site near the Ecology Center. You will leave with the tools and knowledge needed to set up your own site to record seasonal changes wherever you live.
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