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Arts & Culture

Brunswick has a wide variety of Arts & Entertainment options including museums, galleries, performing arts and music.


Community Support

There are many businesses and organizations enhance life in our community. Visit a house of worship, support a non-profit, and appreciate the friends and neighbors that make Brunswick a thriving community.


Education/Youth Services

Those who educate in our community allow it to not only grow smarter but to grow richer in resources.


Food and Drink

Whether relaxing in a coffee shop, shopping in a market, having a pint, or enjoying a restaurant meal, Brunswick has you covered with lots of food options.



Whether you are looking for a new shirt or a new car, Brunswick has you covered. From bookstores to hardware stores, come shop in Brunswick for your home, your entertainment, or yourself.


Health And Wellness

Get healthy and stay healthy right in our community. Doctors, physical therapists, mental health professionals, eye doctors, dentists, holistic healing and chiropractors are locally available. Need support? Hospitals, in-home care, and assisted living can help.


Lodging And Hospitality

Whether you are seeking a bed and breakfast, a hotel, or a motel for your stay in the Brunswick area, you can find the perfect place for you. If you are looking to retire in Brunswick, there are also retirement living opportunities.


Financial Services

Banks and credit unions will help keep your money safe while bookkeepers, accountants, and financial advisers can help you plan what to do with it.



Get some exercise, play some sports, or practice yoga/pilates in Brunswick.


Salons and Spas

Get pampered! Book a massage, enjoy a manicure, or try a whole new hairdo.



Brunswick is not only a place for fun but a place for business. If you need a lawyer, an insurance agent, or a real estate agent, our members can help. And if you need more specialized home services, design, media, or just about anything else, you can find it in our community.

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