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Sound Healing and Scalar Waves: A Deep & Transformative Experience with Helena Nash

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

The Healing Spa
124 Maine St, Ste 19
Brunswick, ME 04011
United States

Come to The Healing Spa in Brunswick and relax deeply with the nourishing and beautiful music of professional singer and sound healer Helena Nash, while experiencing the healing frequencies of the Energy Enhancement bioscalar System. Your body will receive energy to help you heal and amplify your vitality.

Helena Nash of Live Lighter will lead a sound healing experience. Her soulful, angelic voice will guide participants into deeper states of relaxation and harmonizing, while participants simply relax. You hold your intention to heal while Helena creates a loving and supportive journey of sound. She will incorporate voice and other instruments which may include Tibetan bowl, Native American flute, and guitar, as well as other frequencies.

Modern science tells us that humans are vibrational. This means that intentional sound and light frequencies can be profoundly healing. Einstein said, “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” And now the future is here! Join us to experience the transformative power of frequencies in your life.

2 Hour Session

Room for 16 participants only, register today!

A sound healing session with Helena is like a two-hour lullaby for the soul.” – Maya M.

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