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Midcoast Literacy Community Event

The goal is to help you, our local businesses, help Midcoast Literacy promote our programs and fund more programs. 

We will center our attention on books.  Artists and craftspeople will create “treasures” relating to the books for an online auction.

Third, you can volunteer to do one of the following.

1) Display a treasure and put promotional material in your window.  (a flyer and our “report card” of our programs)

2) Create something your business can sell that relates to a book and share your profit from the item.  (Gelato might develop a special flavor?)

3) Donate funds so that we can produce promotional materials.   

Have I sparked some excitement in this project?  Please let me know by Monday noon (Feb. 24} if your business is willing to join in this effort and how it might participate so that I can update the Board. 

I will be contacting you for a personal visit soon.  Please email me at with your thoughts and questions with a subject line of Midcoast Literacy.

Sue Ellen Damour

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