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Winter Wisdom Lecture Series: The U S and the Persian Gulf

12:15 pm - 1:45 pm

Morrell Room at Curtis Memorial Library
23 Pleasant Street
Brunswick, Maine 04011
United States

Winter Wisdom Lecture Series: The U S and the Persian Gulf–What Has Changed and What Hasn’t?

Washington and Riyadh are under new management, but the core interests of each country, which are far from being identical, remain largely the same, the warm and fuzzy optics to the contrary notwithstanding. This presentation will examine the continuing dynamic between these two countries as well as implications for relationships and actions in the Gulf region. Charles Dunbar served the United States as a career diplomat and ambassador for over 31 years and ran the Cleveland Council on World Affairs and a U.N. peace mission for a subsequent eight years. He taught U.S. foreign policy at five American colleges and universities and is a faculty member of MSC.

Organized by: Midcoast Senior College

Sponsored by: The Highlands

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