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We’ re pretty excited about these sammies. Banh Mis are delicious…if you’ve never had one they are Vietnamese in origin… meat (or not) on a baguette with pate (or not), mayo, sriracha and the best part (for me) thin crunchy pickles, cucumbers, jalapenos and fresh herbs.

They are uniquely satisfying hitting every taste and texture…soft, crunchy, creamy, bright, chewy, spicy, umami, salty, sweet, bitter, fresh…really just everything all piled together


Of course we had to play around with the traditional Banh Mi…each of these (of course) has a story behind them, long or short still a story is a story…our Banh Mi’s are a play in three Acts


Once Upon a Time….. before cholesterol became a thing, Jewish Delis would serve a pastrami sandwich with a schmear of chopped liver on rye with a side of pickles and a bit of mustard.. it’s possible they still do but all the alte kockers who’d order them are mostly gone now. My grandfathers loved this sandwich. This was a sandwich you could make a meal out of.

We freshened it up, taking our cue from the original Banh Mi…switching out pork pate for chicken liver pate…roast pork for pastrami…some pickles etc.. you should try it, it won’t kill you* and maybe you’ll love it. ( I love it!)

*unless you have really high cholesterol then maybe you should go for the Tofu Banh Mi

ACT II – Tofu Banh Mi for Emily & Forrest

Emily and Forrest are my friends, they moved here from NYC, where they used to get Tofu Banh Mi’s. They are also parents of two of my favorite smalls – Frannie & Luke. They asked could I please make a Tofu Banh Mi and so I am.

Act III – Ira’s Char Sui Banh Mi

My father, Ira Sydney Waks (9/1/1943 -1/10/2012), was a man who loved a good sandwich. ( I may have mentioned him a few times. ).

We made this sandwich at our first Willie & Chet’s, I’ll make this sandwich forever. It’s a great freakin’ sandwich….His version was Chinese roast pork on garlic bread with duck sauce…but it has morphed in to kind of a Banh Mi—-the garlic bread is still there, so’s the pork…the duck sauce is mixed with sriracha, there’s a bit of mayo and a pile of pickles, cucumbers and herbs to round it out.


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