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Holidays are coming and going, there’s so much to do and really it’s almost impossible to get it all done when the world isn’t turned upside down much less the way things are.

We feel ya, friends. We miss going the Nutcracker, going to all the special little stores, carolers, store windows, Salvation Army Santas not to mention visiting our friends and family.

We’ll miss the cheery hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, its just not as much fun without the shopping bags and sitting down in a restaurant full of people an having an indulgent lunch after a day of holidaying…

There’s a lot to miss. But, as always there’s a lot to treasure as well, hopefully we’ll all find time to enjoy the magic of the season.

This Sunday were bringing you a bit of our own kind of afternoon magic…a restorative, rich chicken noodle soup with an Asian twist…. full of ginger, garlic, kaffir lime…(we’re using stewing hens from our friends at Apple Creek Farm, if you make soup, you really need to get your hands on one of these babies)…along side we have baked BBQ pork buns…(a favorite treat from childhood), a crunchy green papaya salad oh and some almond cookies and oolong tea.

Don’t feel you have to get dressed either (as if we’re still doing that)…just stop in in your jammies and get back home to wrap gifts or hang out on the couch…this is definitely couch food.

Pick Up begins at 11 am— now this is important info —- the soup will be ready for you to heat up when you get home…the toppings will be separate…all you do is heat up the soup and pour it over the noodles etc.


Well, we’d like it to be perfect and piping hot for you when you eat and this is the best way to do that.

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