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Willie & Chet’s at Vessel +Vine

4:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Vessel and Vine
4 Pleasant Street
Brunswick, Maine 04011
United States

We’re Popping Up at Vessel & Vine!

Join us for a super fun night with our gal pals at Vessel & Vine plus a special guest baker April Robinson of Ritual Bakehouse!

This is a really exciting collaboration… Vessel & Vine has all the good stuff- wine, beer, cheese, meats, snacks, cocktails…so make sure you plan some time to shop (or order from V&V online) when you come to pick up – (this will be a heat & eat, prepaid, timed pick up situation) – Nikaline will be selecting some tasty beverages to compliment what we’ve got going on PLUS you’ll find all kinds of goodies for the weekend and upcoming holidays (she even has surprisingly delicious matzoh).

We just met April- please follow her on IG @ritualbakehouse…(ok yeah a short meeting turned into 4 hours of talking about food)…her pedigree as a chef is outstanding and her desserts …ok lets just say we had a hard time picking just one thing but we’ve been jonesing for a proper éclair for a long long time, and now you get one too!!!!

We’ve been thinking about this menu for awhile now. Korean flavors find their way into our food a lot and it’s not just because they are delicious.

I was 9 years old, living on Long Island and my best friend was Jina, who‘s mother, Cho, was Korean (sadly they are both gone now). I loved when Cho cooked, she made her own kimchi, burying it the garden. I’d constantly beg her to make pajeon, vegetable pancakes for me. Those flavors are as much part of my sense memory as my Nanny’s matzoh ball soup is.

Cho was such a kind woman, we definitely tried her patience and she’d yell at us …oh would she yell, she’d get so mad she’d completely stop speaking English…and who wouldn’t yell at two very bad girls who let a pack of dogs in to the house…again (it was the 70’s us kids and our dogs ran around in packs until it got dark).

No matter how bad I was, her kitchen was my second home and for that I am eternally grateful.

This ones for Cho & Jina & Ronnie &Mickey.

You definitely want to check out the Willie & Chets Pop up Fun Page for this one…street food videos, movies, k-pop and k-drama!


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