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The Incredible Adventures of JoJo (and his annoying little sister Avila)

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Frontier Cafe Cinema & Gallery
14 Maine Street
Brunswick, Me 04011
United States

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The Incredible Adventures of JoJo (and his annoying little sister Avila)
Directed by Brian Schmidt
Starring Gina Plastino, Peter Tahoe, Barbara Papageorge, and Joseph Ogando
1 hr 26 mins

“This film is not for over-protective parents,” warns this Tim Burton-esque, absurd children’s comedy from first-time writer-directors, husband-wife team Ann-Marie Schmidt and Brian Schmidt.

When Jojo and his sister Avila are left to their own devices after a car accident injures their mother, they must survive in the woods on their own. Among the travails and harrowing experiences is a deranged hobo, ravaging wolves, abandoned couches, and dirty diapers.

But don’t fret for the little ones; they have a sharp pocketknife at the ready. The creative team behind this unique film refer to it as a “children’s film” and they couldn’t be more correct. THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF JOJO (AND HIS ANNOYING SISTER AVILA) is pretty much every daydream every seven-year-old kid ever had. Ever. There’s adventure, danger, comedy, and Skittles. If you’re a parent, this film may make you squirm. But if you’re a child or a child at heart, Jojo and Avila will take you on the incredible journey you’ve been waiting for.

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