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The HEALTHCARE movie and discussion

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Unitarian-Universalist Church of Brunswick
1 Middle St.
Brunswick, ME 04011
United States

Free public showing and discussion of award-winning film, The Healthcare Movie, presented by Maine AllCare.which is dedicated to promoting universal, high quality and affordable health care for the people of Maine. The event will be at the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Brunswick, 1 Middle Street, on May 20, from 7 – 8:30pm. Call 729-8515 for more information. The film runs 35 minutes, will be followed by reactions by the panel, and the public discussion promises to be spirited and enlightening. 

The discussion will be led by Dr. William Clark, and Dr. Julie Pease, currently President of Maine AllCare. AllCare is the Maine chapter of Physicians for a National Health Plan, an organization with more than 19,000 physician members around the country. Reactions to the film will be given by Dr. Deb Hagler (Martin’s Point,) Representative Mattie Daughtry (Maine House District 49,) and Melissa Fochesato (Access Health.)

William D. Clark, MD practiced general internal medicine in Bath and was Medical Director of the Addiction Resource Center in Brunswick, until retirement in 2005.
At the Cambridge Hospital from 1971-1987, Dr. Clark directed the Medicine Residency Program and was Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard, where he continues as Lecturer on Medicine. Until 2014, he was managing editor of DocCom: An interactive e-learning resource for Healthcare Communication.* He was President of the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare from 2005-7. Publications include papers and chapters about physician-patient relationship and communication, alcohol problems and physician self-awareness.
Dr. Clark recognizes the injustices and inequality in our healthcare system and is distressed that US healthcare outcomes rank low in the world. He hopes that Maine AllCare can help us join the ranks of countries with universal coverage. In all those countries the public, professionals and politicians support and endorse their systems.

Curently, in the Maine Legislature, LD 384 (as amended) the “Resolve, to Study the Design and Implementation of Options for a Universal Health Care Plan in Maine” passed by a vote of 10 to 1 by the Insurance and Financial Services Committe of the Legislature. The bill will be going before the full Senate for a hearing in the near future.
Former Rep. Charlie Priest spoke in support of LD 384, the “Study” bill on universal health care options, during the initial public testimonies on March 25th 2015. Only the Governor’s representative testified against the bill.
Testimony in opposition to Sen. Gratwick’s LD 384 and LD 815 was submitted by the governor’s senior health policy advisor, Holly E. Lusk. She stated that, “Maine taxpayers cannot afford to foot the bill.” Her fear: “Adding tens of thousands of new patients to the health care system, without containment strategies firmly in place, could threaten Maine’s financial integrity.”

In fact, a February 2015 statement from over 100 economists disputes Ms. Lusk’s contention. “As economists, we understand that universal, publicly financed health care is not only economically feasible but highly preferable to a fragmented market-based insurance system…Evidence from around the world demonstrates that publicly financed health care systems result in improved health outcomes, lower costs and greater equity.”

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