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Six Feet Under…or Not: Your End of Life Choices

6:30 am - 8:00 pm

Curtis Memorial Library
23 Pleasant Street
Brunswick , Maine 04011
United States

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Do you know about “alkaline hydrolysis”? What are the rules about scattering ashes? Can you be buried on your own land? Which is greener, burial or cremation? Sign up for this class and we’ll answer ALL your questions and introduce you to options you didn’t know you had. Do your survivors a favor and sign up for this class. Take a look at to see what you’ll learn.

Bio: Chuck is a woodworker and home funeral educator, whose interest in this topic came from his experience at his father’s death. He wanted to be part of what happened after the death, but didn’t know what to do, and missed out. Once he learned about home funerals, he began talking to groups. Each presentation taught him more, and now his goal is to give everyone the information they need to make good decisions about how they want to be treated after their death, no matter what that choice may be, and to show families a more meaningful way to be involved in the funeral process if that is their choice.

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