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Secrets of Brunswick by Red Cloak Tours

8:00 am - 7:00 pm



Explore Brunswick in a unique and exciting way – through a Red Cloak Walking Tour! Offered daily, these walking tours will give you an inside look into the historic area and some of the earlier residents as well as a spirit or two that inhabit the area.

Hear real history as well as little known folklore as you experience a walk back in time on the easy stroll through one of the historic sections in town. Tours are offered several times every day through November.

The tours are private for your family or group and are appropriate for all ages. Guided from point to point by your professional storyteller, in real time, the walks are done by phone via conference call. This allows for questions, interaction and personalization on your Maine “Adventure in Discovery.” Up to 10 people can join in on the call for $29.95 total.

A Red Cloak “TeleTour” can be booked online or over the phone. Other types of historical tours are available throughout the state. or 207-380-3806.

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