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Many Hands: The work of Spindleworks & SpinOff staff

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little dog coffee shop
87 maine street
Brunswick , Maine
United States

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The staff at Spindleworks and Spinoff Studios are weavers, spinners, fiber artists, painters, potters, sculptors, photographers, printmakers, and media artists. On any given day just across the block in the big blue house on Lincoln Street or in Downtown Gardiner you will see these skills in practice, but what you don’t see is that when the lights go out after a long day and the staff go home, the creative process begins again. An endless source of creative fire that burns often late into the evening inspires our practice. This fire is fueled by honesty, compassion, vision, hope, experimentation, openness,
collaboration, persistence, joy, and a sense of strong community. Perhaps it is the last one, community, that informs us the most; it is the required ingredient in all that we do. Without you, the community, we would not have a purpose in the creative work that we do. So here it is; we hope that you will feel inspired and start your own creative fire.

Little Dog Coffee Shop
87 Maine Street, Brunswick

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