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Maine Maritime Lobster Lecture Series

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Holden Frost House at The Highlands
7 Academy Lane
Topsham, ME 04106
United States

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The Biology of The American Lobster with Dr. Robert Bayer, Executive Director of The Lobster Institute

The American Lobster is a fascinating animal. Did you know the American Lobster’s kidney is next to its antennae? What color is lobster blood? Do lobsters have teeth? Did you know when lobsters first hatch they float on the surface of the water?
Join Dr. Robert Bayer of The Lobster Institute for a greater understanding of this famous crustacean’s anatomy and behavior. Dr. Bayer is a Professor of Animal & Veterinary Sciences at the University of Maine, has been involved in lobster research for over thirty years, is the co-author of several books and was the recipient of the University of Maine’s Presidential Public Service Award.

Holden Frost House at The Highlands
7 Academy Lane, Topsham, ME

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