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Lunch & Learn at The McLellan

11:30 am - 1:00 pm

The McLellan Tavern
26 Cumberland Street
Brunswick, Maine 04011
United States

The McLellan Community has made it a 2020 health goal to become it’s own BLUE ZONE!  Twice per month we will be offering lunch from one of the five Blue Zones in the World and a health presentation how to “Blue Zone” our lives beyond 100!

Join us for a presentation on “GUT HEALTH” with Rita Losee,ScD/RN and Anne Moreau, RN, Nutritionist.  When your Gut is Happy…everything is Happier!

Enjoy a Blue Zone Lunch from Ikaria, Greece, rich in alveoli, wild greens and flavonoids that are all artery scrubbing antioxidants!  “Live better”  with Ikaria, Greece where the folks on the streets of Ikaria who are over 100 say:  “We just forget to die!” ??

RSVP: 207-725-6200. 

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