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Gelato Fiasco SUPER BOWL Weekend Special Flavors

02/02/18 - 02/04/18
11:00 am - 11:00 pm

The Gelato Fiasco
74 Maine St
Brunswick, ME 04011
United States

This week’s Featured Flavor: The annual apothecary favorite rides back into town with perfect timing! Old Major Persnickety’s Cure for the Common Cold Sorbetto is a medically unproven remedy made from orange and lemon juices, a spoonful of honey, a touch of ginger, a sprinklin’ of cayenne pepper, and a big nip of Kentucky bourbon whiskey for good measure. Available through Monday in Brunswick and the Old Port.

Super Bowl Weekend Flavors: Fri 2/2-Sun 2/4:
BeliCHEX Gelato: A Peanut butter gelato filled with homemade Muddy Buddies. The Muddy Buddies, although homemade, will be filled to regulation air pressure (no scandals for THIS superbowl flavor).
TB12 Avocado Gelato: A chocolate avocado gelato with a hint of coconut milk.
RED SPOON ALERT: Reminder: FROZEN CODE IN EFFECT: For every degree the temperature falls below freezing, customers get 1% off their gelato order.

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