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Date Night: A Relationship Enhancement Workshop for Couples

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Psychology Specialists of Maine
14 Maine Street, suite 309
Brunswick, ME 04011-2033
United States

We welcome ALL couples to our Date Night: Conversations for Connection couples workshops. These 2.5 hour workshops are based on the Hold Me Tight® weekend retreats, and they are intended as introductory educational relationship enhancement workshops based on the book by Dr. Sue Johnson, Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love. The structured curriculum used in this workshop is based on the theory and practice of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT).  EFT is a systematic approach that aims to reduce relationship distress and help couples create trust and intimacy. In this private 2.5 hour introductory workshop, you will learn how to identify and begin to change the negative cycles that get in the way of intimacy.

  • Do you want to feel more accepted by your partner and have less conflict in your relationship?
  • Would you like to feel like your partner is more accessible, responsive and emotionally engaged with you?
  • Is it time to improve your relationship and learn how to communicate in new ways that promote better understanding and closeness?

The workshop is lead by EFT trained psychologist, Julie Quimby, Ph.D. and an EFT trained therapist, Andrea Medaris, Psy.D. The leader will guide you and your partner through facilitated conversations, video presentations, guided exercises and one-on-one discussions to help you reconnect and identify and begin to resolve the stuck points in your relationship. Although we encourage questions and comments at our Couples Workshops, there is no requirement or expectation for all attendees to share in the group. All of the conversations with your partner will be in private room, and we always emphasize privacy and comfort. We welcome people of all backgrounds, ages, faiths, and sexual orientations.


“It is all great information and so true and powerful.”

“It gave me a different outlook on the negative in my relationship.”

“This was a wonderful introductory and I’m looking forward to learning more.”

“I learned so much from this experience.”

“We both found this helpful, and I agree that it will jumpstart the work we are doing in couples therapy.”

“Excellent supplement to couples counseling and something I think will be helpful to reference throughout relationship.”

“This workshop allowed me to see my spouse in a different light. It made me want to attend more workshops together.”

“Excellent workshop—I would definitely recommend to others!”

“This workshop is a great first step for couples seeking to understand their relationship further.”

“It was a very eye-opening experience.”

“This was a good and valuable use of time—not usually my thing but I was pleasantly surprised it was useful. I think the alone time with my wife was key. She was available (and so was I) which is not always the case and looking face to face to discuss with no distractions I think important.”


The heart of the workshop revolves around an exercise where you will practice conversations to create closeness.

The workshop leader will present information about love and attachment to help you make sense of the cycles of disconnection in which couples often find themselves. We will also show a video of actual couples working through common cycles of conflict.  During the workshop, you will privately engage in a structured conversation with your partner regarding your particular cycle. The workshop leader and trained helper will offer assistance with this exercise.

The videos, lectures, and one-on-one exercises create opportunities to:

  • Recognize the negative patterns where ALL couples get stuck and discover what you are really trying to communicate
  • Understand what drives conflict in relationships
  • Explore the feelings and needs underneath your behaviors
  • Create and nurture emotional safety and intimacy
  • Affirm strengths in your relationship

Is group participation required at the workshop?

This educational workshop is not group therapy and there is no requirement for group participation.  There is no pressure or expectations for you to interact with other couples. We understand that many people are very private and can be anxious about being in a group. Please rest assured that we emphasize a warm and supportive environment, and you will not be asked to share anything personal beyond your comfort level.

Hold Me Tight Workshop for Couples is ideal for:

  • Couples who want to improve and enhance their relationships.
  • Distressed couples who are stuck in conflicts and disconnection.
  • Couples who are interested in learning experientially about Attachment, Hold Me Tight, and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

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The workshop is located in Brunswick Maine in the private suite and offices at Psychology Specialist of Maine. The office is located in an historic mill overlooking the Androscoggin River at 14 Maine Street, Suite 309, Brunswick, ME 04011. There are three options for attending a workshop this winter. Plenty of free parking is available on weekends and evenings.


The Date Night couples workshop is a $150 investment in your relationship.  Limited to 6 couples!

The registration fee covers the participation of both partners and all workshop materials and booklet. There will be lite appetizers and beverages to enjoy.



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