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Bobby Jo Valentine Concert

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

First Parish Church
217 Maine Street
Brunswick, Maine 04011
United States

EVENT Date: Friday, MAY 31st

Join us for a free concert featuring singer, songwriter, and storyteller Bobby Jo Valentine.

Bobby Jo Valentine’s poetic and spiritual music speaks to the gentle everyday spiritual awakenings of an open-hearted life. Growing up and emerging out of a church with strict lines and sharp edges, Bobby Jo Valentine has emerged into a larger, kinder, more welcoming faith…one that is excited to learn, open to growth, and focused on love.
Along with theaters, house concerts, and many other kinds of stages, Bobby is often invited to offer his stories and songs at faith communities around the nation. He has performed for The Wild Goose Festival and the 2017 General Synod of the United Church of Christ. Bobby currently hails from Northern California and is ecstatic any time he can discuss the big questions, challenge the easy answers, and inspire people to move closer to love. You can hear his music at
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