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Art: Feeding Maine

01/12/16 - 02/28/16
11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Frontier Cafe Cinema & Gallery
14 Maine Street
Brunswick, Me 04011
United States

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PHOTOS by Brendan Bullock WORDS by Annie Murphy
When you see the phrase “food insecurity,” you might picture scenes from distant places hit by the global food crisis: barren fields marked by drought, families fleeing wars, or people waiting in long ration lines. You might not picture Maine. Yet more than 200,000 Mainers are food insecure. The term encom- passes hunger and scarcity, as well as lack of access to food that’s fresh and healthy. Meeting this need for good food is where Maine’s farmers, workers, and volunteers come in. We are fortunate to have at hand everything re- quired to feed our state: abundant farmland, skilled farmers, and people invested in Feeding Maine image-01_webforging ties between farms and low-income Mainers. In making fresh ingredients accessible to those who need them most, the projects featured here are also forging new opportunities for Maine farms by opening up markets, diverting waste through farm dona- tions and gleaning, and creating new customers who seek fresh, local food. This series is a collaboration between Maine Farmland Trust and Good Shepherd Food Bank. It seeks to document some of the many people working for change in our communities across the state, with the hope that these efforts will continue to grow into a resilient food system that serves all Mainers.
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