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A Salute to Italian Farmhouse Cooking

5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The Brunswick Inn
165 Park Row
Brunswick, Maine 04011
United States

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“This supper is dedicated to Pane e Salute, a tiny Italian osteria in Vermont, and to its creators, Deirdre Heekin & Caleb Barber. They did not necessarily create my love of eating, cooking, and feeding loved ones, but they absolutely created my love of doing it all as a profession. The crazy late nights, the dish washing, the mistakes that became epic new recipes, the advice given in life and love over family dinner, the weird inside jokes, the after-hours dance parties, the garden lunches after a long day in the vineyard, the passion and love of their job inspired in every single person who worked there, I could go on . . . . The family I found in that tiny kitchen and dining room is one that I cherish with all of my heart. That being said, I think it’s time I shared a piece of the Pane experience with The Brunswick Inn–Chef Lindsey

Spring Schedule at The Brunswick Inn:
April 5th: Tapas and Sangria Night
April 21st: Easter Dinner
May 3rd: Cinco de Mayo Taco Night
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